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"We reached out to Casco Bay Hemp while searching for a private label CBD manufacturer for our brand, LoMed. We are a physician owned business that is supplementing our proprietary prescription pain medication with an all natural healing CBD regimen. Our pain managment prescriptions are much safer and less addictive than opioids currently on the market. We need to work with a flexible company that understands our niche market and the need for custom formulated products. We require an understanding of pain managment with cannabinoids. "


“We have a tried and true proprietary formula for rapid, deep pain relief for people suffering from chronic joint and muscle pain. We are addressing a clinical need for a topical product that provides  unprecedented pain relief without the usual tell tale odors of typical over the counter products."

"I'm excited to work with Casco Bay Hemp. These folks have a deep understanding of there products, cannabinoids,  and how it affects our patients. The customer service has been amazing and they have been able to hit tight deadlines. We highly recommend them to anyone."

Ursula Bonner, Baxter, T. Inc

Nature's Tonic

The folks at Casco Bay Hemp are super knowledgeable, more so than anyone else I've talked to.  My understanding is that they were the first hemp farmers in Maine with years of experience and world travel studying and networking in the industry. All are impressive with their knowledge, patience and genuine excitement to grow our businesses together. Everyone answers all my questions immediately. I send an email, and within 30 minutes I get a response. The product speaks for itself, full spectrum and unadulterated as possible. I have zero complaints, all praise, as to the effectivness of the product. But the customer service and feeling of a partnership is what keeps us coming back. We will be working with Casco Bay for years to come. 

Natures Tonic