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Private Labeled Hemp Products With Class.

private label hemp products

Hemp products are in demand. You want in on the business. We are here to support you through the private label hemp products industry.

If you are looking to private label your own CBD hemp product line we can do it all for you, from soup to nuts. Casco Bay Hemp will manufacture your product line, package it, label it and ship it wherever you want. We will also cover you under our product liability insurance. Not only that, we have a combined 20 + years experience in marketing and brand development. Primarily our background is web development, online marketing and inbound sales generation. Seriously, why go anywhere else?

Our products are manufactured from the finest starting material in the country. Our hemp is grown on organically conscious farms in Maine, Colorado, Oregon, Kentucky and the Carolinas. All of your hemp products will be accompanied by a certificate of analysis. Our sales and project management team is there to walk you through the entire process. We have been developing hemp and CBD products since this madness started. We are farmers and marketers. You will not find a better product development team anywhere. We guarantee it.

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Growing hemp as nature designed it is vital to our urgent need to reduce greenhouse gases and ensure the survival of our planet.
— Jack Herer