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Casco Bay Hemp Private Label CBD Company

Casco Bay Hemp Private Label CBD Company


It all started when…

We got into medical cannabis in 2007 and haven’t looked back. Once we saw the healing power of cannabinoids we were hooked. Helping folks with everything from back pain to epilepsy has been an extremely satisfying journey. THC is healing for certain ailments but nothing like CBD. We are proud to have switched into a private label CBD company. CBD is the healing of a Nation, we have no doubt.

We have been farming hemp in Maine for 3 years now. Since breaking ground on our first field we have grown into a very well respected private label CBD company. We didn’t necessarily plan on getting into the private label business, but the demand created itself. People love our products and you will to. More importantly YOUR customers will love our CBD products under your brand. We create clean and pure CBD products that work. It’s that simple.

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