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Casco Bay Hemp Private Label CBD Company

Casco Bay Hemp Private Label CBD Company


Casco Bay Hemp is a long trusted name in the CBD private label and white label business.

First and foremost make sure your CBD products supplier’s products mg/ml is ACTIVE CANNABINOIDS and they aren’t just weighing out, for example, 900mg/ml of crude oil. Companies that add “mg/ml of full spectrum hemp oil” just weigh out the oil, so a 900mg/ml tincture will really only have around 300-400 active cannabinoids (CBD).

With our Private and White Label Program, we do the work. You choose which products you want to label from our selection of Premium Hemp Oil Product Line. You have two choices for labels. Option 1: Send us your artwork emailed in a high-resolution file and we will complete your label designs including suggested use, supplement facts, and ingredients. 2: Purchase the products not labeled and do that work yourself. Pricing may vary between the white label and private label options depending on amounts.

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