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In order to keep our customers informed, we stay on top of whats happening in the ever changing cannabinoid industry. CBD related products are evolving. Change is happening fast both legislatively and commercially. Cannabinoids other than Cannabidiol (CBD) are being studied and new uses are rapidly discovered. Its certainly an exciting times to be in the hemp business, but it can also be overwhelming. Hemp and CBD seem to be in staggering demand, bringing in the masses. Stay vigilant and stay informed. 

How Will Amazon Impact CBD Products?

Amazon Is A Products Company. CBD Products Are On The Rise. Will Amazon EventuallyTake Over The CBD Industry As Well? 

DONT BE FOOLED. CBD, or Hemp Products currently on Amazon are not the real deal. Its a marketing ploy. 

I'm writing this blog due to the multiple inquiries I have received from "companies" wanting to get into the CBD products space, specifically on amazon. This immediately concerned me. One, because all of these folks come from the Direct Response Marketing world (if you don't know this industry it's BLEH!). And two, it made me realize Amazon may eventually grossly impact CBD products as well. 

As it stands, the only products you can get from Amazon are tinctures and others derived from "hemp oil" or hemp seeds (hemp seed oil). Currently you can't use the label or verbiage CBD on Amazon. They are getting around this by calling everything hemp oil, and sometimes PCR, or phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil (which it really isn't).  Pet tinctures are the most popular product right now and marketing companies are salivating to get in on the perceived gold rush.

The products are very deceiving because the companies offering them are masters of illusion. They have a mg/ml label, but this is not necessarily CBD levels. I believe they all share the same product description off to the right of the pictures. I mean, is one company pumping out majority of these products and just switching the labels?!?!? The pet tinctures and edibles have the same product description content. Most of the products I have researched are derived from hemp seed oil. Most products only have two ingredients, E.G. "Raw Hemp Seed Oil & Tumeric Oil". I could be wrong, but I don't believe any products on Amazon are made from high CBD hemp flower, what we offer to our clients. These products are offered so inexpensive because they supremely inferior in quality and results. It's not even comparable, It's two totally different inputs. High CBD crude oil is nothing like hemp seed oil. This hurts mine and my clients business, because the consumer looks on Amazon first, then sees my clients pricing and thinks their products are too expensive. 

Amazon and CBD Products

Amazon and CBD Products

If you look closely at the product ingredients, most are playing games with words and definitions. The first ingredient is always coconut or MCT oil, and the second is usually Hemp Seed Oil (virtually no CBD) and the third may be PCR Hemp Oil (phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil). If that ingredient even exists in one of these amazon products, its at minuscule levels, thus they can sell products cheap and still make their claims of effectiveness and results. Sure, they are sourcing from farms that grow the hemp and hemp seeds organically. Organic hemp seed oil is awesome, but its not going to help alleviate your dog's seizures. It's sad to think consumers are basically buying hemp seed oil expecting its going to help their dogs seizures or joint pain. Don't get me wrong, its not going to hurt Fido, and it may even help a little, but its certainly not a legit high CBD product. 

What most people don't know is the back story to these products. I've been in marketing for years, so I know the kind of people behind this smoke and mirrors show. It's the type of marketing companies that produced products like Shamwow, The ThighMaster, OxyClean and every other garbage As Seen On TV product. These companies toe the line on what they can legally say and what the product does. They will take something completely pure, legitimate, healthy and effective as CBD  and make a buck off of it. They exploit definitions, laws, and truths purely for profit. These products ARE NOT high CBD products derived from hemp flowers. 

As the great Biggie Small's said, "If you don't know, now you Know". I expect one day Amazon will allow REAL CBD products into their sales behemith. Until then, know what you are  putting into yours and your pets bodies, do your research and stay vigilant. If its super cheap and seems to good to be true, IT IS.