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In order to keep our customers informed, we stay on top of whats happening in the ever changing cannabinoid industry. CBD related products are evolving. Change is happening fast both legislatively and commercially. Cannabinoids other than Cannabidiol (CBD) are being studied and new uses are rapidly discovered. Its certainly an exciting times to be in the hemp business, but it can also be overwhelming. Hemp and CBD seem to be in staggering demand, bringing in the masses. Stay vigilant and stay informed. 

Hemp Flower For Sale! Beautiful High CBD Hemp Flower For Sale!!!!

We had an AMAZING CBD flower harvest. Our best hemp flower varietal was the “Lifter” strain out of Oregon.

We are offering trimmed and un-trimmed “Lifter” high CBD hemp flower for sale. Tests are coming in at 14-15% CBD and less than .03% THC.

There are 2 very simple pricing tiers for this CBD flower

Trimmed: Under 100 lbs is $500 a pound. Over 100 pounds is $300 a lb, any amount

Un-Trimmed: Under 100 lbs is $300 a pound. Over 100 pounds is $200 a lb, any amount

What a season for hemp flower production. Not much rain, but we had the irrigation pumping! I gotta say though, the best CBD flower farmer in the state of Maine was from a farm in Leeds, Maine. They crushed the hemp flower season with the “Lifted” strain out of Oregon. They weren’t playing from the start, purchasing enough feminized seeds of this high CBD strain to grow 30 acres. I’m under the opinion that Oregon puts out the best genetics, so you know our partnering farm in Leeds didn’t spare any expense. We are swimming in hemp flower grown in these 2 fields. The colas on these plants are insane.

This CBD flower was irrigated with an artisanal well and an on-site beaver pond. They will be drying and storing thousands of pounds of this beautiful flower for sales over the next 12 months (I think it will sell out way before that). The purple coloring and fruity nose on this hemp flower is stronger than most of the outdoor cannabis plants I’ve seen. Its unreal, and the pictures below speak for themselves. I can’t say enough for the breeders of this CBD strain. We are getting buyers that want an extremely high quality trimmed hemp flower as well as folks that want a high CBD flower to purchase for amazing extractions.