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High CBD  Hemp Seeds For Sale

High CBD hemp seeds for sale

High CBD hemp seeds for sale

High CBD seeds

We created this vigorous high CBD strain in 2016-2017 and did a large seed run in the 2017 hemp season. This is our first year running it as a female only crop. We produced these seeds last season (2017) and the SEEDED flowers tested at 12 - 13% total CBD, CBC & CBG and very low THC.  THC weight % was just above 4% in a concentrated crude oil form. Titrated down into tincture and other products it becomes almost non existent. Non-seeded test results coming soon and we can only imagine the high CBD content that these flower only plants will produce.

Initial test results from last year's seeded crop has also shown higher than normal CBG and CBC results in our crude oil. We achieved a Ration of Total CBD to THC as a 16.6:1. Our CBD weight % being 59.89, our CBG 2.02% and the CBC came in at 4.45%. We consider this to be an outstanding well-rounded full spectrum hemp strain. 

Crude Oil Cannabinoid Weight %

Cannabinoid % in our seeded crop's crude oil
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