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CBD Distillate For Sale

Bulk CBD Distillate For Sale. Clean, Ethanol extracted, Lab Tested and Pure

 Reach out to us now for cbd distillate sales. third party lab tested, ethanol extracted and always clean. CBD distillate for your product line.

Made with biomass grown organically in Maine and extracted on site. Our CBD distillate is clean, organic and free of solvents and pesticides. Grown and extracted in house, we are fully integrated to give you fine distillate at a competitive price.

Distillation is an extraction process that creates concentrates “cleaner” than others in that they’re pure on a molecular level. Outside of isolate, CBD distillate is the most potent form of CBD concentrates. Our CBD distillate allows for the extraction of cannabinoids that offer a pure, versatile, and potent product that has infinite potential for product development. Because distillate separates and refines cannabinoids at a molecular level folks in the cannabis community sometimes refer to cannabis distillate as The Pure. That’s exactly what it is. A product that’s virtually pure cannabinoids.

CBD Distillate Being Poured

CBD Distillate Being Poured

How we make our CBD distillate is the same way we have been making THC distillate for the last 10 years. There are several refinement processes that happen when manufacturing CBD distillate. The production begins with crude extraction, or the primary extraction methods that uses a solvent or physical means to extract various cannabinoids. The remaining impurities in crude oil (fats, lipids, and other various compounds) must then be removed in order for the oil to be separated even further. The next step of creating CBD distillate is a process known as winterization.

Winterization is the process of mixing the crude extract with ethanol, where it is then placed in a very cold environment for 24-48 hours. Any remaining impurities congeal in the cold temperatures and separate, where they fall to the bottom of the container. Using a rotary evaporator, or a falling film, the crude extract and ethanol solution is passed through a filter, where the ethanol is removed. Without heat, cannabinoids aren’t active and are instead in their original acid state, so the next process for CBD distillate is decarboxylation. When cannabis is heated to the point that the therapeutic benefits of various cannabinoids are activated .Lastly, this extracted, winterized, decarboxylated material goes through the distillation process. Here it is put in a short path steam distillation or fractional distillation chamber several times in order to purify the desired cannabinoid (typically CBD or THC) into a pure, isolated state.

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