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Our Kilos of CBD Crude Oil Available In Ethanol Or C02

We process our own crude oil right here in Maine, and we also work with labs in Colorado and South Carolina for redundancy purposes. Our co2 crude oil is made from a proprietary process that leaves the ethanol out of the winterizing process. Blows my mind that a lot of people don’t realize that their Co2 crude oil was soaked in ethanol for winterization, negating the whole point of co2!

Our ethanol CBD crude oil is extremely pure with no residual solvents and we have the COAs to prove it. Personally, we like an ethanol product better. We think ethanol brings out more of the compounds in the plant. Depending on what State you are in, ethanol and co2 are usually the only organic certified extracting solvents.


  • Cannabidiol (CBD)

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